I haven't heard about Chapo Trap House in forever.

They fooled themselves into thinking Bernie was going to win because twitter said so then got butt blasted. Their only hope at relevance was Trump winning. Leftists were big on "Bernie would have won" but when Biden did the liberals really rubbed it in their faces "Bernie would have lost"

They still have their loyal fanbase but the MSM doesn't care them at all like they did in pre election.

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For all it’s worth, I’ve never found the podcast blackpilling. Listening to you has gotten me out of the mindset of “it’s over/we are back”. We are here, and no matter how bad it gets, we can be certain we’ll still be around for at least a few more generations, things can change in the future, and even if they don’t, if we are prepared we can spare ourselves a lot of unnecessary suffering.

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