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Scott, I think I disagree when you said that, God forbid, another French like situation here wouldn’t redpill people here (maybe in 2024). People still have a very visceral memory of the 2020 riots and I think the resulting white guilt has worn off considerably to the point where people are having some real magic fatigue. Also, Daniel Penny raising so much money for his legal fund and the fact that more people are waking up to anti-white racism makes me think that another summer of rioting would radicalize a lot of people against magic and the DEI stuff. Anecdotally, most liberals I talk to privately express their frustrations with the crime and anti-white racism.

I see what you’re saying about the potential for white guilt to experience a resurgence, but I really get a sense of magic fatigue because there have been several “police misconduct” incidents that haven’t materialized into much. I do fear that a second Trump term could create a resurgence of white guilt, although I will be enthusiastically voting for Trump again.

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