Great episode as always

Very curious to get your take on this Scott: what should the dissident right make of FDR’s racial views?

I took him to be the first generation of “blank slate ideology” presidents, but I recently discovered this is not the case from the article below. Article is narrowly focused on “muh antisemitism” unfortunately, but touches on broader racial issues. He didn’t encourage immigration either iirc.


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What are your thoughts on Chris rufo btw?

Also what are your thoughts on making college just upper division (with low div online and general ed eliminated, 1-2 year college) in response to “just go to trade school and cede all white collar jobs”

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Why don’t people start demonstrating the cleavages of the rainbow coalition...wouldn’t it be useful socially to show the favoring of blacks, Muslims and transgenders. This would undermine the oppression narrative and dilute economic redistribution efforts

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