To what extent is the white acceptance of miscegenation sincere? For example, many Americans say they would be okay with living near someone of another race, but many Americans refuse to live in “diverse” neighborhoods.

Anecdotally, it seems like a lot of whites are less comfortable with their own children dating/marrying non-whites than they would be with miscegenation in the abstract. I agree the acceptance of interracial relationships is definitely more pronounced now than 20 years ago, especially with white/Hispanic and white/Asian pairings, but I do sense there is still a reticence among white parents about their children dating non-whites.

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Anyone who believes there are no genetic/biological differences between blacks and whites is lying to themselves. Black athlete dominate many sports requiring foot speed and leaping ability. Is it racist to notice? Ever heard of the movie, white men can’t jump?

For biological reasons, blacks are more susceptible to sickle cell anemia.

There are other differences as well. Everyone knows that. Many are genetic. A few are cultural.

Obviously, pointing out something is generally true doesn’t mean it is alway true. There are obviously some blacks who are slow and can’t jump.

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Hanania says white nationalism is dead. Is there a Hanania/Greer debate/podcast in the works?

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Hey Highly Respected, why work so hard to prove white people are not racist? Will you do a future post showing most whites are not child molesters? Where does it end? What’s the point? Why dignify the claims of foolish wokesters? Do you think they won’t call you a nazi? Don’t hold your breath.

Every other group on earth prefers to hang out, live by, work with, etc. people like themselves. Such a preference is not a hate crime. It’s human nature. Muslims like living with other Muslims. Jews like living with other Jews. Why deny our right of free association?

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Tim Scott is not based. He previously whined about being targeted by white police during his life and acted no different than a Democrat during the George Floyd incident. He's also supported some amnesty proposals in the past.

There seems to be a great deal of cognitive dissonance with whites who claim to support interracial marriage. If the acceptance rate is truly 90% then why is interracial marriage among whites at around 15%? Lots of white parents are still pulling their precious white kids out of diversifying public schools and whites continue to flee diversifying neighborhoods if their finances allow it.

So I think the whites saying yes in these polls don't want to be labeled as bigots and have the attitude of "miscegenation for thee but not for me". Interracial relationships if fine for someone else just not for them. I'd like to see a poll asking whites if they support interracial marriage to a degree that would lead to their disappearance in America.

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