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A sizable minority of voters believe that abortion is a Constitutional right that should have no or very minimal restrictions even though it's not mentioned in the Bill of Rights or Constitution. At the same time they deny that the 2A confers a right on citizens to own a semi-auto rifle and other firearms hated by the left and believe that the feds or the states can regulate or ban them as they see fit. A sizable minority of the American electorate are abysmally ignorant and a reason I don't believe in one purple haired woke feminist, one vote.

I don't think most GOP consultants or politicians know there base very well as they seem to think they must run hard on abortion restrictions so the base turns out in force but it's turning out Democrats in force instead.

As the GOP is the stupid party I doubt they will learn a painful lesson about pushing anti-abortion measures. They've been losing very winnable elections over their abortion stance. If they manage to sideline Trump the agenda will be abortion bans, tax cuts and more aid for Israel.

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Republicans being against abortion may be part of their white guilt, i.e. attempting to facilitate the most black and brown babies in a short a time as possible to find redemption for their original sin. It's a similar conviction that the left has towards 'civil rights'.

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Scott, in your article last week, you cite that pro-Israel leftists experiencing the consequences of their pro-immigration advocacy is not making them change or adapt their beliefs. My question is: Should we on the right, on policies such as urban crime and the migrant problems in New York, frame those problems for the center-left as an opportunity for them to change, adapt, and join our side or say “you get what you voted for,” and shrug our shoulders?

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Question: Hi Scott, just joined the cognitive elite and I hope this is where you send questions. What are your feelings on professional wrestling? Some thoughts I'd like to share:

-Vince McMahon and the WWE have always celebrated MLK Day and Black History month, but their main competitor AEW is much more libtarded, having transgender wrestlers on the roster and during their shows you can see their redditer audience holdings signs showing their support for the latest leftist cause.

-How does pro wrestling fit in with the Greerhead pledge? I imagine not very well since being a pro-wrestling fan is low-status and embarrassing to admit to as an adult.

-As you grew up in the South during the 90's, were you a WCW mark?

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Which demographics have the most abortions per capita?

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