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Great last line! The "melting pot" and it's consequences have been a disaster for heritage Americans. Hoping the continuing racial animosity towards whites revives an awakening of the past, a respect for history, and provides the fire to conquer the future.

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Heritage white Americans are probably some of the most historically illiterate people on the planet. I've come in contact with some third world immigrants who know a great deal more about U.S. history than your average NFL/NBA watching white American. This must change somehow or like Scott said we will be easily controlled and led to our doom.

The radical left understands the importance of historical narratives to their unholy cause as they are busy rewriting American history to villainize the white founders, settlers and the confederacy while lionizing Indians, blacks and other minorities. This is why the iconoclasm of confederate monuments received little pushback outside of the 50 and older crowd. The younger generation is brainwashed and mostly doesn't care.

I still have an hour to go for the Putin interview but Putin clings to a highly partisan narrative of WWII and acts as if the Nazis were the only party to commit atrocities. I'd love to remind Putin about the Katyn Forest massacre and the brutal communist deportation of one million Poles to slave labor camps after the Soviet Invasion weeks after the Germans invaded from the West. Russia also executed approx. 300K of its own soldiers for "cowardice" or retreating without orders.

Putin says he wants to stamp out Nazi ideology but communism killed far more people than Nazism so he should work on stamping it out first. Communism has claimed 100 million lives and is the most murderous ideology in world history.

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Your last substack article left me the most black pilled. Now this article left me the most white pilled. Being a Greerhead is an emotional rollercoaster.

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