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Assuming 2/3 of GOP voters truly support the military that's because they have friends and family members that are still serving. As more stories surface of the rampant anti-white initiatives within the military and as anti-white radicals get appointed to leadership positions I expect that support to plummet much like it has for the FBI and other institutions.

GOP voters support the local & state police because for the most part they do their jobs in a politically neutral manner unlike the hyperpartisan FBI whose support has dropped to a mere 17% among GOP voters. At one time GOP support for the FBI was much higher than Democrats but no longer:


The conditions that led to a Francisco Franco could still arise in America and we seem to be moving in that direction. I don't know why Scott thinks it's unlikely to ever happen especially when radical left wing Democrats are hellbent on criminalizing political opposition and want to transfer the wealth, jobs and property from white voters to their non-white base. The Spanish left also began demonizing the political opposition with plans to outlaw all conservative and right wing opposition as "fascism".

The fact that a substantial number of Republican voters support secession (despite its near term impracticality) and believe anti-white racism is a problem is evidence that despite outward appearances and boat rallies Republican voters are moving right and "radicalizing".

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"Or take the J6ers, Trump’s most hardcore supporters. Despite all appearances to the contrary, the vast majority were middle-class. More than half of the demonstrators arrested boasted a college education. Twenty-eight percent held a white collar profession, while 26 percent were business owners. Only 22 percent worked a blue collar job. "

Yet, the Dems-MSM-Uniparty want you to think that these people launched a riot. That's clearly bunk. And I bet the average age was probably around 40. Riots, revolutions, violent crime and war are young men's games. If you don''t grok the common sense of millennia, read Robert Ardrey's African Genesis. Plus there's the absurdity of the idea that Trump supporters would suffer years of Antifa attacks while offering little or no resistance only to go apeshit on the cops at the Capitol Bldg on J6. We need a genuine, non-fake and full investigation and release of all the video footage to determine what really happened on J6. What we know *didn't* happen was that there was a spontaneous (or directed by Trump) riot on Jan 6.

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