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Scott, in one of your earlier articles you wrote about conservative culture as one being entertainment culture. This is so evident now. After spending years on highlighting censorious colleges and making fun of safe spaces, it seems now they want to implement exact same thing. I follow a Canadian conservative who had wrote multiple articles about Canada's hate speech laws, banning of trucker protests etc.

Now he is breathlessly arguing for government to ban pro-Palestinian protests. He even went to Canada's parliament square, where both pro- Palestine and pro-Israel protestors were gathered and interviewed pro-Israel ones. He was arguing for banning all pro- Palestine protestors for their hate speech as Jews and their friends have no safe space. Oh the irony. Some conservative activists are just useful idiots of the left.

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Good piece. Edit needed:

“If implemented, the additional speech restrictions will have a cooling effect on legitimate political speech Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to use state power to eradicate anti-Israel sentiments on college campuses.”

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Scott, do you think it’s kind of a cope for people on the right to blame George Soros for everything? Even if he never donated a penny, I find it really hard to believe that a majority of these soft on crime elected officials would not have been elected in these far left, urban precincts. Soros is definitely bad, but it seems like people blame him so that they are not called racists.

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