You all need to look at the data...Hispanics are polling 50% trump despite all the shit he’s said and promising mass deportations...many Hispanics see it in their interests not to turn the USA into a shithole.

Yes if mass immigration occurs in one location a parallel society forms and they become a voting block.

I’m white and in California...the most mass immigration place...many many Hispanics wearing blue lives matters shirts etc

Yes the new illegal ones need to go, they clearly are a underclass voting block and the research shows it will take 3-4 generations to assimilate and to earn as much as a white person.

You guys don’t get that these other groups aren’t like blacks in that they aren’t as hostile and commit far less crime. Even if they don’t fully assimilate it is more like a parallel society rather than a hostile underclass.

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I do think in the near term you are right Scott, but in the long term if Whites dip down to 40 percent James Kirkpatrick's view will have to be tried. Alabama and Mississippi Whites come the closest the cohesive identity you speak of. 2004 Presidential Election Alabama was racially divided: Alabama Whites voted 80%–19% for Bush while Blacks voted 91%-9% for Kerry. Mississippi 2004 In 2004, 14% of white Mississippians voted for John Kerry and 10% of African Americans voted for Bush.

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Also why do none of these guys you mentioned notice how Hispanics are 70% white Western European Christians and that they love Trumps nationalism and voted in much higher numbers...they appear to be assimilating into ethic Americans (white Anglo mulattos) just like Italians

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What are your thoughts on Eric kaufmann?

It’s interesting his analysis of Latinos “becoming” white...by third generation 60% identify as white. I think if we also frame immigration limits in terms of the rate of integration it’s a strong stance alongside economic concerns of natives.

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