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Move to 14:40 at this stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW6gu4rzUz0

Didn't expect that from coming from Judge Napolitano.

I know that he's not on our side [egalitarian, has non-white features, and probably a civic nationalist], however he is a staunch constitutionalist and openly not a supporter of the Biden administration:

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"Rural and urban America both listen to the same music, watch the same shows, and, at least among the youth, speak the same way."

The majority of white youth don't speak ebonics. Listening to the same music and watching the same shows isn't entirely true, especially in the 24-25 and over age range, and even if it was that doesn't necessarily culturally bind us together as one people. The major networks and streaming platforms are making content to appeal to non-white audiences which means they will repulse most whites with healthy racial instincts. I don't know of too many whites who regularly tuned in to "Blackish" or some of the black themed crapola on Amazon Prime.

In the 1980's both whites and blacks both loved the Cosby show yet racial discord persisted and it is worse today. Americans of all races watch the NFL and NBA yet that hasn't eased the interracial tension or lowered the black on white violent crime rate. It's an open secret that most black players strongly identify with their race. Having a largely white fan base hasn't encouraged them to adopt race neutrality.

Blacks and whites both profess Christianity in large numbers yet both largely worship separately on Sundays. And fewer of each race identify as Christians from even 10yrs ago, so Christianity is having less of a unifying effect on the culture and nation as it once had.

Then there's the increasing racial separatism on college campuses with non-whites, especially blacks, demanding their own racially exclusive spaces. High schools and colleges still have black lunch tables where whites are not permitted to sit.

Scott is correct that long standing regional differences are rapidly disappearing due to large scale internal migration. He's also correct that people on the right largely wish to tune out of partisan fighting. So NASCAR can try to push left wing cultural initiatives all they want but their fans will just quietly ignore all that or grumble in the stands to each other. But their silence isn't consent as Scott appears to think.

If America was truly culturally homogenous then I'd doubt that 47% of Republicans would support secession.

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Man, what an absolutely depressing article. I've noticed a common thread in your way of thinking where you seem obsessed with pointing out that not only is the right destined to lose. Even worse, you argue, it is destined to not even have any agency as it's own force to even at least try to win.

Never mind that large percentages of white people are willing to tell pollsters they believe in the great replacement. Never mind that more white Americans are growing increasingly racially political in their attitudes. New data has come out showing white people are actively sorting into the Republican party due to racial resentment.

A poll just came out saying 47% of Republicans support secession. Yes, yes I know, I know, that doesn't mean secession will likely happen soon given how different america is now from 1861. Still, I can't remember a time in modern history where secession was more popular. Even on the ground, parts of Maryland, Oregon and Washington are trying to secede from their own states and join neighboring, redder, whiter, more conservative states. That is an actual tangible thing being done by people with agency which we should support.

I guess it all comee down to that since people enjoy their NFL bread and circuses the left will have total cultural hegemony for the next hundred years.

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