Tbh I get annoyed by these players hiding behind their religion whenever they don’t wanna wear gay stuff. I understand why they do it, they’re less likely to get cancelled

But I wish someone would just tell the truth - normal, straight people have no reason to celebrate abnormal, gay pride

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Scott, I’m getting really tired of seeing right wingers overreacting to anything Covid vaccine related and making that their number 1 identity issue.

In hindsight, I probably would not have gotten the Covid vaccine had my job not required me to do so but I really don’t see it as that big of a deal. I also have noticed that right wingers being anti vaccine and not simply anti mandate has been alienating college educated people.

Am I out of touch, or do you think some of the vaccine rhetoric from the right has been discrediting a lot of our ideas to more mainstream audiences?

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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

Yes. The sports leagues are pro tranny and anti white.

Yes. The demographic situation in the US is bad.

Yes. They're going to make every state, even right wing white ones like Idaho, pro Gay, brown, pro black and anti white through immigration and anti white school curricula.

Yes. The elite institutions are virulently anti white.

This is all true and all your takes boil down to things will inevitably get worse, and we are powerless to stop it.

My good faith question for you Scott is what should we do about all this? What can we do to make America a better place to live in 20-30 years? If that is a total lost cause and the answer is absolutely nothing and we will all worship George Floyd, then why even get involved in politics in the first place? What are we even doing any of this for if everything is so hopeless?

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Just like in the Lockdowns the Magic does keep some of the poz away. When they try to make NFL players wear the gay warm ups they will be met with 100's of magicians refusing and even owners. We will see

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Proud to see a fellow Orthobro taking a stand. When your faith is thousands of years old and unchanging it's easy to see the woke evil for what it is. When tradcaths and based prots finally get the boot they can join us and fight the final battle against satan and his globohomo minions.

Btw, stop saying "keyed", Scott, it makes you sound like a retarded tryhard.

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