Understood. Will shut up after this bc I’ve already outstayed my welcome. but think that analysis (like the con inc of today in the opposite direction) doesn’t acknowledge that Reagan’s agenda and rhetoric addressed a particular set of problems that existed in 1980. that agenda solved many of those problems (directly w the economy and indirectly w the USSR). The GOP, instead addressing new issues in the 90s -- like immigration and entrenchment of the civil rights regime -- chose to adopt a zombie approach of repeating Reagan’s rhetoric and enacting ever more ideological versions of his policies that didn’t make sense given current conditions. Think you are confusing this zombie Reaganism w the man himself. (Note too that Buchanan, who tried to update the GOPs agenda to face a new reality in the 90s (including immigration) was in Reagan’s admin and has remained v pro Reagan; Reagan also endorsed HW much later than expected in the 92 campaign and his public silence helped juice Buchanans campaign early on)

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"Americans hate crime and disorder, but many are programmed to think the criminals and rioters have legitimate grievances."

Only if they are black criminals and rioters.

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“Was Reagan woke” is an interesting debate, and I always lean towards “yes” until I remind myself that Pat Buchanan remains a staunch Reaganite to this day. Who knows both the man and the globalist threat better than Pat?

With mixed cases like Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower, even Truman, men who I want to like but seem to have helped create Woke, you have to remember the political landscape of the Cold War, with immigration well below what we have today. The threats facing America were radically different.

I’ve landed on a funny inversion of enlightened centrism-- it’s just not fair to hold these men to our modern (based and redpilled) standards. It was a different time folks.

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This piece is unfair. Reagan -- at great risk to his livelihood and political prospects -- v publicly endorsed Goldwater, in part bc Goldwater opposed the nascent civil rights regime. I can’t speak to the kerner commission response you highlight (which is admittedly lame) but thats offset by his support for a candidate that opposed the end of free association.

Criticizing Reagan for his immigration policies is also misplaced. Mariel happened during carter and was linked to anti communism (and a huge voting block in Florida). They were already here, what was Reagan supposed to say in an election everyone thought would be very close?

The 86 legislation included many controls on immigration and penalties that were subsequently held “unconstitutional” by the Fed judiciary. This was / is absurd but again, what was Reagan supposed to do? Reagan (like many people of his generation) trusted the system and couldn’t conceive of lawfare campaigns and insane judges. That may have been naive, but there were very few politicians who offered anything different at the time.

Point taken on refugees. That wasn’t at scale tho until the late 80s and the communist bloc began to disintegrate causing opportunity for mass migration by previously controlled populations.

In general think it’s not cool to dump on Reagan. he was a great president who achieved a lot and was the trump of his day. Will take a fools errand and speak for the dead, but I bet he’d have been an ardent trump supporter in 2016 and now

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