Great article.

I’d argue that Ann has a point insofar as she talks about 1st/2nd gen immigrants still having strong ties back to their parents country. A lot of 3rd/4th gen Hispanics for instance can’t even tell what part of Mexico their ancestors came from.

The problem is with non-whites larping on to a fake identity. You see this with Asians all the way from Afghanistan to South Korea using the made up AAPI label. This is a negative aspect of assimilation. The reason why white ethnics, and even some Hispanics/non-Islamic MENA assimilate to whiteness is because they are either white or close enough to white culturally and/or racially for it to work.

Take for instance Jews. Ashkenazi Jews are white or white passing, they cluster close to Southern Italians and Greek Islanders, yet their strong ethnic identity prevents them from identifying as white. This won’t stop leftist POC’s from calling them white of course, but the point still stands.

So I think I’m between you & Ann on this. But to answer your question: It depends on the individual in general, but someone like Vivek still has a level of problematic ethnic self interest in him in a way a Stephen Miller doesn’t yet a Ben Shapiro does (though probably not to the same fanatic degree as Ben). If that makes any sense.

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Great piece Scott!

You are exactly correct: "The only reason to use WASP or Anglo-Protestant is to soft pedal white identity." I imagine it was uncomfortable for Coulter to tell Vivek to his face that she wouldn't vote for him because he's Indian. Going further and saying its because he isn't white or doesn't have a white identity would really have invited negative repercussions. Justifying her vote decision on lack of a WASP background was nonsensical, but the truthful answer could have got her cancelled.

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Maybe using Ethnic American instead of white…it would be easier to push and ties into assimilation of previous groups

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I often thought the term European American would help.

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No that would make us into another minority group rather than the core population, this clearly demonstrates white Americans as the historic core population…no one would call Taiwanese a minority group despite recently immigrating to Taiwan

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