I wish more people would go on the offense, and ridicule the black-supremacist's delusions of grandeur.

Scorn and mockery is what these people deserve.

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It’s more than OK to bring Nightmare Vision back on Highly Respected

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Mar 2, 2023·edited Mar 2, 2023

If Scott Adams said that white people are the problem and to stay away from whites he would be hailed as a hero and promoted by the media. He'd be a guest on The View. But since he violated racial taboos he is being cancelled by Jewish elites who own all the newspapers and most book publishing companies.

Kudos to Adams and we need more white celebrities challenging the dominant anti-white racial narrative.

One thing people should pay close attention to is that Adams, a self professed leftist/liberal, has finally come to the realization that pedestalizing blacks and providing unconditional help and support has failed and in fact has made race relations worse. This is why Republican race pandering is so futile and pointless but it won't stop Trump and DeSantis from engaging in it in the upcoming primaries.

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