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Playing Devils advocate here but Trump's attacks on DeSantis seem unwarranted and calculated to intimidate him from challenging Trump in the primary. Trump's attacks were allegedly due to DeSantis and his people working behind the scenes to get Trump donors to flip to Team Ron. If true that would anger me too and it puts Trump's attacks in context. DeSantis likely would not be governor without Trump's endorsement of him in 2018 and political rallies for his benefit.

All the people singing the praises of DeSantis don't seem to realize that he needs to win key Northern battleground states where Trump is still very popular among the base and more popular than DeSantis. If DeSantis manages to win the primary he will be screwed in these states without a Trump endorsement. So Scott is correct that a Trump loss in the primary in no way means that Trump completely loses influence over the party and the base.

But Trump needs to stop undermining candidates who are great on immigration restriction. Mo Brooks is much better than Kate Britt but Trump pulled his endorsement because Brooks wasn't pushing the 2020 election steal hard enough. Also, Trump's America First actions didn't always match his rhetoric and tweets. If he tries to start pitching his platinum plan for blacks again then I won't be voting for him.

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Scott, I saw some of your posts on Twitter, do you think we are heading towards a future like South Africa or Brazil? Does America’s future look pretty bleak?

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