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You’re very underrated for your analysis, if you just talked about the race issue more strategically you’d be a national conservative figurehead.

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Naughty naughty.

I’m not from the south and am around liberal people a lot, I noticed when I adopt liberal cadence it makes talking about these issues more palpable. Like mentioning how black ppl take in $750,000 more in benefits over their life than pay in taxes... this is used to rebut notions of whites racial wealth gap due to systemic malice or that black ppl do not benefit tremendously from living in the USA monetarily. (It’s pretty amazing that conservatives cower at this talking point, there is no other black country in history when black ppl have been better off)

Maybe that would be a good iq supplement. Debunking the racial blood libel and examining the net financial and criminal contributions of each group in America. I think this would change the dynamics of the conversation if the tallied interracial murder rate and net racial economic benefits were more widely known.

...it’s much easier to rebut white privilege when you see that certain groups are reviving vast sums of money from white people.

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I think it's going to cost the product this time, but not Anheuser-Busch. Bud light will go like Schlitz.

Nike might survive.

So who made these ad decisions the CEOs?

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