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IQ Supplement v. 136: Nikki Haley's Civil War

Taylor Swift's White America

IQ Supplement v. 135: The Triumph Of Christendom

The Real Fix To The Fertility Problem

Highly Respected Ep. 203: Losing The Cognitive Elite

IQ Supplement v. 134: Charles Lindbergh

White Is Not A Sign Of Deracination

Highly Respected Ep. 202: Fear Of Trump's Day One

IQ Supplement v. 133: The Right's Disappearing Idealism

A Tale Of Two Punished Republicans

Highly Respected Ep. 201: George Santos's Party

IQ Supplement v. 132: Kissinger's Death and Elon's Pizzagate Meme

Revere The Founding Fathers

Highly Respected Ep. 200: Riots In Ireland

IQ Supplement v. 131: The CIA Mystique

Two Challenges To American Nationalism

Highly Respected Ep. 199: Elon's Redpills

IQ Supplement v. 130: Ben Shapiro vs. Candace Owens

Getting Mugged Alone

Highly Respected Ep. 198: Stuck With Biden

IQ Supplement v. 129: The Culturally Libertarian Electorate

The Abortion Albatross

Highly Respected Ep. 197: Islamophobia Hysteria

IQ Supplement v. 128: How Evangelicals Became Pro-Israel

The Vain Attempt To Tie BLM To Hamas

Highly Respected Ep. 196: No War, No Refugees, No Censorship

Why Biden Will Never Drop Out

IQ Supplement v. 127: Horror Movie Special

Banning Anti-Israel Speech Doesn’t Own The Left

Highly Respected Ep. 195: The Insane Clown Party Goes To Washington

IQ Supplement v. 126: The Hospital Strike And Propaganda War

Democrats: Hamas Is Just As Bad As White People

Highly Respected Ep. 194: The Neocons Have Gone Insane

The Joe Rogan Voter

IQ Supplement v. 125: Dreams Of An Anti-Woke Left

Highly Respected Ep. 193: War in Israel

Unpopular Populism

IQ Supplement v. 124: Kevin McCarthy Dethroned

Highly Respected Ep. 192: MAGIC Congress

IQ Supplement v. 123: The Origins of Woke

The Tall Task Of Turning Conservatives Into Revolutionaries

Highly Respected Ep. 191: The End of Hyperpoliticization

The Metaphysics Of The Greerhead Pledge

IQ Supplement v. 122: Industrial Music

Highly Respected Ep. 190: Conservative Girls Gone Wild

IQ Supplement v. 121: Should You Still Not Watch The NFL?

Gun Ownership Doesn’t Defeat Tyranny

Ep. 189: Is The Regime Losing Legitimacy?

The Fed Accusation

IQ Supplement v. 120: J. Edgar Hoover

Highly Respected Ep. 188: Elon vs. the ADL

IQ Supplement v. 119: The John Birch Society

The Insane Clown Party

Highly Respected Ep. 187: Libs Against Democracy

The Great White Debate

IQ Supplement v. 118: GOP Primary Debate

Ep. 186: Trump's Georgia Indictment

The Emerging Conservative Consumer Demographic

IQ Supplement v. 117: The Blind Side

Highly Respected Ep. 185: Try That North Of Richmond

The Proposition Nation Question

IQ Supplement v. 116: The Cancellation of Richard Hanania

Highly Respected Ep. 184: Trump's J6 Indictment

IQ Supplement v. 115: Right-Wing American Imperialism

The Trump Indictment Disproves DeSantoid And Accelerationist Fantasies

Ep. 183: Conservatism in Post-White America

Andrew Tate Vs. The Multiracial Working Class Myth

IQ Supplement v. 114: Who Do Conservatives Cancel

Highly Respected Ep. 182: Try That In A Small Town

IQ Supplement v. 113: Racist Freedom?

The Loneliness of Freedom

Highly Respected Ep. 181: Could Tim Scott Be The GOP Nominee?

The Plight of White Boy Rick

IQ Supplement v. 112: The Radicalism of the American Revolution

Highly Respected Ep. 180: Riots And Betrayals In Europe

The Squad’s Insanity May Be The New Story For Independence Day

IQ Supplement v. 111: Is Having A Family A Revolutionary Act?

Highly Respected Ep. 179: France's George Floyd Revolution

IQ Supplement v. 110: We Need To Talk About Doxing

Fox News Becomes Watters’ World


IQ Supplement v. 109: Indian Empires And Anglo-Saxon Trutherism (w/Irkutyanin)

Trailer Park Chic

The Mainstream Right's Stance On Identity Issues

Highly Respected Ep. 177: RFK Jr: Based or Cringe?

IQ Supplement v. 108: When New England Wanted To Secede

Black Privilege Now Grants The Power To Assault Cops

Highly Respected Ep. 176: Trump Indicted, Again

IQ Supplement v. 107: The GAE Version Of Economic Nationalism

Does The War On Woke Address Race?

Highly Respected Ep. 175: Pride Month Backlash

When Reagan Blamed Race Riots On ‘White Racism’

IQ Supplement v. 106: American Franco

Anarcho-Tyranny In Black And White

Highly Respected Ep. 174: The First AI Presidential Candidate

People Like The Idea of DeSantis More Than The Man Himself

IQ Supplement v. 105: Brown Nazis & Drag Queen Nuns

IQ Supplement v. 104: Jefferson Davis's Nationalism

Oppressed Passing: The New Asian-American Experience

Highly Ep. 172: Illegals Welcomed, Marines Arrested

The Youth Aren’t Woke Because Of Economics

IQ Supplement v. 103: Texas--The Frontier Of Anglo-Celt Civilization (w/Irkutyanin)

Why People Do Nothing When Magic Happens

IQ Supplement v. 102: Harry S. Truman

The Case for Tucker 2028

New Column and New Highly Respected

DeSantis Opens The Door To Hate Speech Laws

IQ Supplement v. 101: Will Tucker Ever Run For President?

Highly Respected Ep. 169: Fox Fires Tucker

IQ Supplement v. 100: The Tiki Torch Indictments

Brandon Johnson Is The Future Of Big City Politics

Highly Respected Ep. 168: BUD LIGHT DELENDA EST

IQ Supplement v. 99: Is Wokism Marxist?

When “Punishing Your Enemies” Turns Into A Complete Farce

Please Stop Tweeting About Dylan Mulvaney

IQ Supplement v. 98: Integration's Opponents

Trump As The Right’s Unifying Cause

Unpatriotic Youth

IQ Supplement v. 97: American History X

Tim Burchett Spoke The Truth About School Shootings

Why Immigration Is the Most Potent Identity Issue

IQ Supplement v. 96: The Men Who Shaped U.S. Foreign Policy

Immigration, the Indispensable Issue

Neo-Never Trumpism Will Sink DeSantis

The Death of Particularist White Identity

IQ Supplement v. 95: The GOP And Ukraine

Do A Majority Of Americans Really Support Wokeness?

The Establishment's Newfound "Blame China" Position

IQ Supplement v. 94: Antifa's War On Cop City

Highly Respected Ep. 162: Trump's Retribution

Two Parties, One Culture

IQ Supplement v. 93: Liberal Americanism (w/Irkutyanin)

It's NOT Okay To Be White

IQ Supplement v. 92: Frederick Douglass

Afrolatry Reigns Supreme

The National Divorce Delusion

IQ Supplement v. 91: The Black Panther Party

The Forbidden Word And Black Cultural Influence

Highly Respected Ep. 159: Lift Every Wing And Eat

IQ Supplement v. 90: Malcolm X

The Satanic Outrage Machine

Highly Respected Ep. 158: Critical Balloon Theory (w/Darren Beattie)

There’s No Alternative To America

IQ Supplement v. 89: The AWFL Dilemma

Highly Respected Ep. 157: From Memphis To Ukraine

The BASED Immigrant Meme

IQ Supplement v. 88: The SPORTSBALL Episode

Do Americans Care About Immigration?

Highly Respected Ep. 156: It's OK To Say GAE!

IQ Supplement v. 87: The Republican Answer To FDR

Wear The Pride Jersey, Bigot

Klaus Schwab: The Safe Villain

Highly Respected Ep. 155: MLK and Reparations

IQ Supplement v. 86: What Is Neoliberalism Anyway?

The GOP House Rebels Are Tea Partiers, Not Populists

The Highbrow Version Of “Dems R The Real Racists”

Highly Respected Ep. 154: The House Speaker Battle

IQ Supplement v. 85: Are We Living In Weimerica?

Turn The Other Cheek If The Hand Is Black